For Parents

Sam Houston State University is a wonderful university with dedicated professors and faculty.  We are a growing school with 18,000 students pursuing majors in Criminal Justice, History, Education, Business, Journalism and many, many more.  Alongside the education your sons or daughters are paying for, there is another education they will receive.  It is the education that comes from having freedom to discover which rules in life they want to adhere to or disregard. We have a favorite saying:

Temptation is like buying pleasure with a really bad credit card: You get what you want now, but it costs you more than its worth.

Conviction is like prepaying for something valuable with cash.  It is really hard to save up, but once you do, not only do you get the thing you were saving for, it has no hold on your future.

Our beloved university is a battleground of sorts, with many voices offering our students pleasures on credit.  Students all over the world leave university with moral and emotional baggage that is often insufferable. Chi Alpha at Sam Houston Statue University is a ministry focused on raising up student leaders who can take a stand against the high interest rates of selfishness and walk in such a way that other students can follow.

We realize that everyone is looking for a hero. 
We are hoping that your child, our student, will find a hero in the person of Jesus and be a hero to their fellow students.