CMIT Program

Sam Houston State University


Thinking about a career in campus ministry?

Consider our CMIT (campus missionary in training) program — a ten month internship training experience designed to equip you for the next steps into campus ministry as a vocational calling.

As a Chi Alpha CMIT at SHSU, you will work alongside our staff team in campus outreach, small group discipleship, and sharing Christ’s love to our University through community and service. Your training experience will include academics, practicum, and character development.


You will meet regularly as a CMIT class with our staff team for classes in Theology, Biblical Studies, and various topics relevant to the campus pastor including preaching, cultural relevance, missions, conflict management and others.


As a CMIT the majority of your training will involve the day to day “work of the ministry,” covering the full spectrum of responsibilities it takes to run a campus ministry. From event planning, administrative/logistics, set up/tear down, running weekly services to small group discipleship, relational evangelism, and pastoral care, you will have the opportunity to develop these skills hands on with the supervision of our leadership team.


Character Development:

We often liken the internship year to a pressure cooker that provides the right context for your character to be molded into the image of Christ’s. You will find that the challenges and daily pressures of being a CMIT will naturally cause the good the bad and the ugly to emerge within you, giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to form His nature in you. As a pastoral staff team we are committed to walking alongside you through this, and we consider this to be the most important thing entrusted to us by the Lord himself — the making and shaping of men and women of God.


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