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Fundamental Topics

1. Salvation
"Why the Cross" by Jerry Bridges
"How to Become a Child of God" by Winkie Pratney
     Child of God Discussion Leaders' Notes
     Child of God Discussion Handout
     Child of God Lecture Leaders' Notes
     Child of God Lecture Handout
"These are the Facts" by Winkie Pratney
   Facts Discussion Leaders' Notes
   Facts Discussion Handout

2. Lordship
"Total Commitment to Christ" by A.W. Tozer
"God Has A Right Over Our Lives: Lordship" by Eli Gautreax
"Free as a Slave" by Winkie Pratney
Lordship Discussion Leaders' Notes
Lordship Discussion Handout
Lordship Lecture Leaders' Notes
Lordship Lecture Handout

3. Prayer
A Leader's Prayer Life

4. Worship
Worship Discussion Leaders' Notes
Worship Discussion Handout

5. The Bible
   A. The Bible
        Introduction and Guide
        "The Bible is Full of Mistakes" by Winkie Pratney
        "The Bible, Like No Other Book" by Winkie Pratney
        The Bible Discussion Leaders' Notes
   B. Bible Reading
        Introduction and Guide
        "Operation Discovery: Top Secret" by Winkie Pratney
        Bible Reading Discussion Leaders' Notes

6. The Mind In Love With God
"The Dying Art of Thinking" by Ravi Zacharias
"Let My People Think: Restoring the Christian Mind" by Os Guinness
"Truth or Consequences" by Winkie Pratney
The Mind In Love With God Discussion Leaders' Notes
The Mind In Love With God Discussion Handout

7. Sin/Holiness
Introduction and Guide
"Sin, What it is and What it is Not" by George Otis, Jr.
Sin Discussion Leaders' Notes

8. Love
"The Love of God" by A.W. Pink
"The Mark of the Christian" by Francis Schaeffer
"The Law of Love" by Winkie Pratney
Love Discussion Leaders' Notes
Love Discussion Handout

9. Brotherhood
Reading on Community

10. Authority and Submission
Introduction and Guide
Examples in Scripture
Outline of "Spiritual Authority", by Watchman Nee
Authority Discussion Leaders' Notes

11. Forgiveness
"Hurt and Bitterness" by Winkie Pratney
     List of Forgiveness Scriptures
     Hurt and Bitterness Discussion Leaders’ Notes
     Hurt and Bitterness Discusison Handout / Forgiveness Checklist
“The Cruel Creditor" by Matthew Henry
     Unmerciful Servant Discussion Leaders’ Notes
     Unmerciful Servant Discussion Handout

12. Evangelism
“Why Christians Evangelize” by Joe Zickafoose
“A Theology of Evangelism” by Robert E. Coleman
“Witnessing Like Jesus” by Winkie Pratney
Ambassadors for Christ Discussion Leaders’ Notes
Ambassadors for Christ Discussion Handout
Writing Your Testimony

13. Missions
“Students in Missions” by Kevin Little
“Biblical Basis for Missions” by Todd Ahrend
“Why You Should Go to the Mission Field” by Keith Green
“Who Cares” by Gen. William Booth
“Revolutionary Faith” by Winkie Pratney
Missions Discussion Leaders’ Notes
Missions Discussion Handout

14. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
“Power With God” by Winkie Pratney
“Pentecost” by Leonard Ravenhill
Baptism in the Holy Spirit Q and A
Being Filled With the Spirit Discussion Leaders’ Notes
Being Filled With the Spirit Discussion Handout
The Doctrine of Baptism in the Holy Spirit

15. Gifts of the Spirit
Gifts of the Spirit Discussion Leaders’ Notes
Gifts of the Spirit Discussion Handout

Elective Topics

A. Faith
Faith Discussion Notes
Faith Discussion Handout

Articles: "Exposition of Hebrews Chapter 11" by Charles Spurgeon, "Walking in Darkness" by Winkie Pratney, "Faith's Way of Approach" by Charles Spurgeon

B. Fruit of the Spirit
N/A at this moment

C. Dating
Dating Discussion Notes
Dating Discussion Handout

Articles: "SIx Steps to Great Dating" by Steve Shadrach, "Joe's Dating Talk" by Joe Zickafoose, "Dating" by Roberta Winters

D. Sex
Sex Discussion Notes
Sex Discussion Handout

Articles: "Learning to Live in Love" by Winkie Pratney, "The Empty Path of Pleasure" by Ravi Zacharias, "Sexual Purity" from A.G. papers

E. Fasting
Fasting Discussion Notes
Fasting Discussion Handout

Articles: "Fasting" from A.G. position papers, "Fasting" by Matthew Henry

F. The Will of God
Will of God Discussion Notes
Will of God Discussion Handout
Will of God Discussion Handout 2

Articles: "Finding the Will of God" by Joe Zickafoose, "Knowing God's Will" By Winkie Pratney

G. End Time Events
End Time Events Discussion Notes
End Time Events Discussion Handout

Articles: "End Time Events"

H. Miscellaneous Articles/Topics
"How to Have A Successful One-on-One" by Sarah Herman, "Creative One-on-Ones" by Kirk Priest, Taming Your Schedule Without Losing Your Mind, Lonliness - Why Am I Here?