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"The word indicates that the disciples were to go out into the world and win others who would come to be what they themselves were- disciples of Christ."
-Robert E. Coleman, Master Plan of Evangelism-

Missions Trips 06 Trip locations:

::Spring Break (March 11-18)::


The team to Belgium will be working with Students for Christ (Chi Alpha) in Belgium. The main ministry methods will be prayer walking and surveys. Because we can only take 8 people and because of the nature of the ministry that will be done in Belgium, priority will be given to those students who have Chi Alpha missions trip experience and/or are leaders in Chi Alpha.


The team to Mexico will work with Jovenes con Decision on the university and high school campuses. The daytime will consist of ministry on the university campuses in Mexico City, visiting classes, giving cultural presentations, and inviting them to the evening Coffee House. There are 50 spaces available for this trip.

Tenerife, Spain::

The team to Tenerife will be making the trip during the two weeks between the Spring semester and Summer I. This team will be helping with church planting and some university ministry. This will include open-air ministry with puppets and dramas in parks as well as helping in church services in the evening. There 30 are spaces available for this trip.


Chile(May 14-21):: The trip to Chile would look a lot like the missions trip to Mexico, except that we will be there to start campus ministry. As of right now, there is nothing going on in the universities of Chile. The are 20 spaces available for this trip. More details will be shared as we have them.

Kazakhstan (May):: More information about what we will be doing will be coming. There are 8 spaces available for this trip. More details will be shared as we have them.

Mission Trip Training Material

If you are attending a mission trip for Spring Break or the over the Summer,you must read these three articles.

Who Cares by William Booth

How to Give a Testimony

Revolutionary Faith by Pratney


Missions Application


Important Dates


Sample Letter