Chi Alpha Missions


If you have one bring it and a copy with you to turn in with application

If you don’t:

o        If going to Mexico City, get it and expedite it ASAP. The State Department is behind in processing Passports

o        Set up Interview with City of Huntsville

       Call 936-291-5461

       Or go to:

o     Bring with you to interview:

       Photo ID

       Proof of Citizenship

o      Certified Copy of Birth Certificate

       Passport Application

o       Print out application (DS-11) at:

       Two Identical Passport pictures

o       free for students at Bearkat One office in the LSC

       Processing Fee:  check or money order for $67.00 made payable to the “U.S. Department of State”

o       If going to Mexico City add $60 to Processing Fee to Expedite

o       Should pay additional fee to overnight as well

       Execution Fee:  cash, check, or money order for $30.00 made payable to the “City of Huntsville ”

General information

*The full was told to go fix it's attitude, think about what it's done, and not come back until it's right with the Lord. We pray it will return shortly.