XA International

What is Chi Alpha International (XAi)?

When you move to a new place there is never a shortage of questions….

  • Where can I go to buy groceries?
  • What do people here do for fun?
  • Who can I ask about cultural differences?
  • Where are the good places to eat in town?

We would love to help you find answers as you adjust to your new home here at Sam Houston State! That’s what XAi does – we help you get settled.

Technically speaking, XAi is a welcoming organization for international students studying at Sam Houston State University and an extension of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, a chartered student organization at SHSU. We provide practical assistance in adjusting to life in Texas as well as cultural exchanges and friendship building. We are a Christian organization, but you do not have to be a Christian to participate and if an event will have Christian teaching involved, we will say so clearly ahead of time.

What can I expect at events?

Music, food, fun, games, high energy, and a chance to talk with American students and learn more about American culture and traditions, as well as sharing your own culture and traditions.