How to Get a Passport

1.  Get a Passport Application
…if you don’t have one go to:
• > Passport > First Time Adult Application
•   Under Step 1 Click “Form DS-11: Application for a U.S. Passport”
•   Then under Step 1 Click “PRINT A BLANK FORM DS-11”
•   Then Print the Application

2.   Fill out your Application
•   You want US Passport Book

3.  Get Passport Photos
•   You can get your photos FREE at Bearkat One office
•   230 Estill Building
•   Make sure you bring in your Bearkat One ID Card

4.  Get Proof of US Citizenship
•   Birth Certificate is the easiest to get.  It is not the certificate with baby foot print on it.  Usually the one with the seal.

5.  Get Proof of Identity
•   Your Driver’s License would work.  Make a copy of it for the interview.  Not a temporary but a current driver’s license with a photo.

6.  Setup Interview for Passport
•   Call:  Post Office on Highway 30
•   936-295-3037

7.   Show up to your interview on time

8.   Payment
•   Application Fee:  $110 by Personal Check
•   Execution Fee:  $25 by Credit Card, Exact Cash, or Personal Check

We strongly recommend that you have Passport Expedited, some students have missed trips by not having Passports Expedited.  Also good to get Passport asap for all that extra time need to send off passports for visas.
•   Pay $60 expediting fee at interview by Personal Check