What is Sam XA Missions?

We don’t think missions is a department in a church but is a modern term used to describe something that is ancient, God’s heart for the entire world. Even in Genesis 12, God tell Abraham that his descendants will be a blessing to all nations. Later the prophet Isaiah talks about the sacrifice of the Son of God is too small a thing for only Israel, but will be salvation to all the earth (Isaiah 49:6).  We believe Jesus himself gives us a charge to participate in His plan of redemption (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15).  Our simple participation is not to indulge in some other human’s happiness overseas or for some young adults to have an adventure. Our response is to the charge of Jesus, to participate in the purpose of God’s heart to redeem all peoples, who he has a right to.

This is part of the testimony of how the Lord has given us the dignity to participate in His heart for the nations.

Over 1000 students involved with Sam XA missions since 1996 have traveled to over 27 countries, and have raised over $2.5 million for missions.

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