Support Raising

• International Missions Board: Support Raising Resources The Task
• Henry Monroe
• Jehovah Jireh: God has provided and provided all things. We are all steward of his provision. The Bible teaches that through God all things were made (John 1:3; Hebrews 1:2), not only that but all things continue to be sustained (Colossians 1:16-17). A great study is God’s provision to the Israelites of Israel in the Old Testament. There is a wealth of testimony of how God still provides. He provides in all sorts of ways, the challenge is to give credit where credit is due. God does provide by the miraculous but also in everyday life, such as jobs. How has he provided for you? How did you get to where your sitting right now? Jehovah Jireh

Weekend Training

Weekend training is critical for a well functioning team. For this reason if you are unable to attend the training you’ll be unable to be on the team.  The two agendas at missions training is first content and secondly fellowship.  While content is important to function well as an individual, fellowship is perhaps more important than content. Fellowship builds the team and what we’ve seen is that our fellowship being observed by the missionary is more of a blessing than anything we do to serve their ministry. With content and team building we’ll be able to honor the missionaries’ ministry and their vision as well. The training is no cost to team member.

Bare Bones Schedule

Feburary 24th
5pm: Arrive at camp

Feb 25th
4pm: Depart from Camp

What to Bring

•   Bible
•   Pen and Paper
•   Flashlight
•   Bedding
•   Toiletries

Directions/Map to Training

Topics Covered and Activities

•   Honoring
•   Attitude
•   Spiritual Authority
•   Cross Cultural
•   International Travel and Safety
•   Worship
•   Intercession
•   Team Responsibilities